(1984) Life is the dark unresolvable jumble, the mysterious and chaotic bundle of incomprehensible sensations, all tied and mixed together. Demons keep occurring behind, throughout and beyond the objects of the so-called “real world”; they invite the eyes and all the others senses to further proceed, to go into the realm of exceedance they give way to, to discover the inner nature of appearance. They are the faces of that terror implied in the direct sensorial approach to reality, in the full experience of the world surrounding us. They’re expression of the trauma, the bolt shaking and ravaging the ground of ordinary perception, exceeding it, paving the way to an unprecedented and unknown dimension we’re given access: infinite, unresolvable, incomprehensible.
The grotesque and violent element they often exhibit is mostly linked to an expressive characteristic which is typical of the sensations of terror and anguish one can encounter being participant of an over-whelming experience, one that can submerge and overflow the senses, abruptly throwing them into a state of irreversible and unstoppable chaos. This makes the consciousness feel as if it was part of something incredibly bigger than itself, enormously more complex, profound and alive than what it’s capable of understand.
They also have this feature of fickleness, being both metamorphic and shapeless, inorganic, being direct expression of that relentless force of mutation, the ever-flow of heraclitean becoming, which eventually sums up all of the entropic changes, the hybrid mutations, the inexplicable reciprocity they borrow one from the other, meeting up, then undoing themselves, disappearing and then recovering in different, unexpected forms and states.
For in the darkness looming over from this in-between folded dimension, it is most importantly required to be present, sharp focused and to listen very carefully. If one is able to plunge into it without any preconception or preview of sort, things startlingly regain their inner core of pulsating chaos. Then the observer is continuously melted into it, so that polarity of the paradigm of reality gets shifted, or maybe even nullified, giving way to a void paradigm, or non-paradigmatic condition in which everything of what is “exceeding” is real and nothing of what is “imaginary” is no more unreal.


Born in the UK, 1992.
She has a BA in History (University of Bologna, 2010-2013), an MA in History and Philosophy of Art (University of Kent, 2013-2014) and a second MA in Visual Arts (Academy of Fine Arts, Bologna 2015-2018).
The exploration of the effects of time and space are key elements in her artistic process. She is drawn to images that contain a sense of loss and disintegration, caught between being simultaneously present and absent, real and imagined, in the past and in the present. In the way she conducts her research and in her choice of media, the outcome is nostalgic yet unsentimental. In her recent projects she has used a combination of digital processes, photography, drawings and found objects to create installations.
In 2021 she has been shortlisted for the “Combat Prize”, “EneganArt Prize” and has taken part in the exhibition “Impronte”, organized by the Lercaro Foundation in Bologna, where she was selected for the Artist-in-Studio Residence Program 2020-2021. In 2020 she was chosen for a solo show (Hostages) at Curva Pura gallery in Rome, curated by Andrea Romagnoli and Vittorio Beltrami and won the “Forme del Desiderio” prize in Turin. The same year, she was among the winners of the “Premio Ora” prize, the “Arcipelago” prize and the “Malamegi Lab II” prize in 2019 and was selected for the residency program “Vis-à-Vis – Fuoriluogo 22”. That year she was shortlisted for the “Ashurst Emerging Art Prize” in London and the “ASPA awards”. She was selected for a solo exhibition curated by Federica Fiumelli (Waiting for Venus) and participated in group exhibitions: “Geografie della Memoria”, curated by Katia Baraldi, “Sedimenti” and “Binomi”, curated by Alessandro Mescoli and participated in the photo festival “Camera Work – Circuito OFF” organised by Denis Curti in Ravenna. She was shortlisted for the “National Art Prize” in 2018 and was chosen for the group exhibition “Ai Piani Intimi”, curated by Luca Caccioni and Irene Fenara. The same year she set up and ran an artist-run-space called “SottoSuolo” in Bologna.


Achille lives and works in Turin. Currently working as an author and publisher, he has always focused on the image as the product of an action and the result of a process. In 2005, he joined the Zimmer Frei project curated by Irina Novarese, exhibiting his works in Rome, Turin and Berlin. He was included in the 2008 edition of the FotoGrafia International Photography Festival in Rome, and in 2009 he was selected as one of the three Italian photographers for the Photolucida Festival (Portland). He exhibited at Expo 2010 Shanghai. In 2014, he founded Yard Press, a publishing company focused on archives and visual culture, and in the same year he launched the Built project, with a personal exhibition at the H4C Centre in Nicosia and publication of the book Satura. In 2017, he was involved in the Periodo Ipotetico project, an exhibition hosted by T14 Contemporary and Fonderia 20.9.
Since 2017, he has run ARCHIVIO magazine, a semi-annual publication on contemporary culture created entirely with archive material. In September 2018, he presented his latest work in a personal exhibition at the Mucho Mas! artist-run space. He participated in the 2019 edition of Les Rencontres de La Photographie Arles, with the exhibition “Documentation tecnique du present”, curated by Anna Planas. In 2019, Salon du Salon invited Silvia Mangosio and Luca Vianello, co-directors of the Turin-based project Mucho Mas!, to organise the first monographic exhibition of Achille Filipponi in France.


(1990) He graduated in Visual Communication at the European Institute of Design (IED) in Turin (2011). After studying he worked with several photography studios in the north of Italy collaborating with public and private institutions such as the Prada Foundation in Milan and the Museum of Natural Sciences in Turin. Today he continues to work in the field of visual communication organising workshops and public events with the contribution of cooperatives, public and private institutions.


Media artist and art director, based in Torino. Fascinated by interactions and combinations, both natural and synthetic, and by delivering iconic concepts through people retinas, skin, and bones.
Focused on building experiences, enhancing emotions and playing with perception, by misusing techniques and technologies until they become something else and serve to a different purpose.
He works for a better today.


Born in 1997 in Savigliano (Italy), now lives and works in Milan. In 2016 he graduated at Art institute “Pinot Gallizio” in graphics. In 2021 he graduated in the BA visual arts at Iuav university of Venice. His work has been exhibited at Gian Marco Casini Gallery, Livorno; DEGREE SHOW II, Palazzo Monti, Brescia; JaguArt x Artissima, Venice; Reverso curated by Cotonfioc Festival, Genoa; BARE_ CABLING at Palazzo Badoere, Venice; Aqua curated by Eva Comuzzi, Lignano Sabbiadoro.


Born in Italy, 1988. After studying photography and anthropology in Turin, she joined a master class at Fondazione Fotografia in Modena, where developed a project titled “Memoriamatic”, that won the second prize of the Premio “Cassa di Risparmio”. She took part to several collective exhibitions and artist-in-residencies. In 2013 and 2016 she’s shortlisted for the exhibition of Premio Francesco Fabbri per le Arti Contemporanee. In 2018 exhibit her new project “Chronotope” in the collective exhibition “Memories” at Phos, Torino. She actually lives and works in Torino.


Born in Thisted (DK), 1973. She lives and works in Hamburg, Germany.
Since 2011 professor of time based media at Hochschule für bildende Künste in Hamburg, Villa Romana Fellow 2021.


Born in Asti, 1997. She’s graduated with laude in IUAV, Venice (2021). Her research has always focused mainly on bodies, organic and otherwise, through the analysis of the same in a processual experimentation, always in continuous metamorphosis.
She is interested in various mediums, especially drawing and writing diaries, as a practice of deconstruction and understanding of the physical and cosmological body. In 2021 she worked like assistant for the artist Paolo Cirio.


Born in Reggio Emilia, 1993. In 2016, he earned a degree in Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna. In the same year, he was selected by the Association of Young Artists of Emilia-Romagna (G.A.E.R.) to participate in the course Mestiere delle Arti, organised by the Municipality of Ferrara. Between 2017 and 2018, he had a residency at the P420 Modern Art Gallery in Bologna. In 2018, he participated in a workshop for the urban regeneration of the city of Ferrara, a project led by artist Andreco in collaboration with the G.A.E.R. The workshop concluded with the Intrepida exhibition, held at Ferrara’s former theatre, Teatro Verdi. In 2019, he was selected for the Combat Award, which earned him a special mention in the Sculpture and Installation section. In the same year, he exhibited his works in the Sospesi exhibition at the Yag/Garage in Pescara curated by Ivan Dalberto and the Antiforma exhibition at Galleria Ramo in Como, curated by Federica Fiumelli. He earned a diploma (2nd level) in Painting at the Bologna Academy of Fine Arts. He was chosen for the artist residency LUOGHI. Spazi potenziali in Macerata. In 2020, he participated in a series of projects, such as Total Recall, curated by Rossella Farinotti at Galleria Bianconi (Milan), Pensiero Vuoto curated by Renata Fabbri and Leonardo Caffo, Supercall at Studio4x4 curated by Supergiovane and Upgrade at DimoraArtica curated by Andrea Lacarpia (Milan). He completed a residency at Fondazione Giacomo Lercaro (Bologna), selected by the IMPRONTE project curated by Claudio Musso, Laura Rositani and Francesca Passarini.
He has been represented by Galleria Ramo since 2020.


(Ravenna, 1991) She lives and works in Bologna. She studied at the IUAV of Venice and at Université Paris 8 – Saint Denis. Her research concentrates on the declinations of matter, focusing attention on its less evident aspects that are sometimes concealed inside.
To tackle the substance of things, she resorts to a close-up view, observes the effect of time on forms, surfaces and in depths, making sure that the work is always dependent on its physical transformations and connected to the surrounding space, from which it comes, in a sensorial and meaningful way.
Her practice provides for the inclusion, like karstic flows, of references from the past, from art history and from architecture. In surfaces, Caterina Morigi searches for the traces that could decipher a world without time, opening up to the observer as many interpretative opportunities as possible, and thus enabling access to free images and imaginings. She has exhibited in solo and group shows at the MAMbo (Bologna) for That’s IT!, curated by Lorenzo Balbi; Museo Nazionale della Montagna (Turin) for Ecophilia, curated by Andrea Lerda; Villa Della Regina – Polo Museale del Piemonte (Turin) for Caterina Morigi. Honesty of Matter; BACO – Base Arte Contemporanea Odierna (Bergamo) for Metafotografia; Fondazione Archivio Casa Morra (Naples); MAR (Ravenna); Video Sound Art Festival (Milan); and in other Italian and European cities.


Born in 1995. This artist’s work centres on the search for meaning and the transient nature of existence, using a blend of different languages and favouring the use of materials that convey time. Her work began with pictorial and installation-based experiment using organic material in various states of decomposition (largely deriving from cemetery waste).
The properties of this medium mean that her works bear the signs of the passage of time and their environment, evolving in the medium and long term due to their very nature. They are no more than a convergence of the will of their creator, the decomposing material and the chosen “canvas”.


(Amsterdam, 1988) He is a visual artist working across sculpture, installation, photography and video. He is a graduate of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam (2011), the Städelschule in Frankfurt am Main (2015) and the BPA// Berlin program for artists (2020).
Recent solo exhibitions include “Face Fear” at Villa Romana in Florence, “Salome” at the Westfälischer Kunstverein in Münster and “Rebis” at Stadtmuseum Lindau. He took part in group exhibitions at Martin Gropius Bau Berlin, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Hotel Maria Kapel Hoorn, PS120 Berlin, Museum für Moderne Kunst (MMK) Frankfurt am Main a.o. Postma was a research fellow of Villa Romana in Florence and the Kunsthistorisches Institut Florenz (KHI) in 2021.


(1988) Is an Italian writer and poet.


Stefano Comensoli (Milan, 1990) and Nicolò Colciago (Garbagnate Milanese, 1988) have worked and researched together since 2014, co-founders of the art project Spazienne and professors at BA of Visual Arts and BA of Graphic Design at NABA Academy in Milan.
Among their latest shows and projects are: Lì dove nascono le forme del vento (2020), a solo show held at Otto Zoo gallery (Milan); the book Stavo andando dove sono (2020) with Annika Pettini; Multiverso (2019), a solo show held at megazzino (Garbagnate Milanese, MI); Toccare un dito con il cielo (2019) curated by Spazio 1b for the 11th Biennale dell’Immagine di Chiasso; Piccolo Esercito (2018, still in progress), a traveling project for the public spaces of Milano, in collaboration with Annika Pettini and AlterD.


(1992, São Paulo, Brazil) Working across film, literature, music and visual arts, Walter Solon studied Social Sciences and Literature at the University of São Paulo, Sciences Po Paris and the University of Cologne. He is currently concluding an MFA at the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne, with an exchange period at Art Center College of Design, in California. His docufictional films, narrative installations and immersive performances have been shown at Art Sonje Center, South Korea; Goethe Institut Beijing, China; Oberhausen Short Film Festival, Germany; Videonale.parcours, Bonn; and the Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Art, Greece.
He has participated in residencies at Pivô in São Paulo; Goethe Institut/Jaaga in Bangalore, India; and Pact Zollverein, in Essen, Germany. He was a recipient of a DAAD Graduate Scholarship and the DAAD prize.


Born in Clusse (France), 1974. Works and lives between Teramo, Bruxelles and Roma. Since 2013 Giuseppe Stampone is an associate member of The American Academy in Rome, in the same year he was invited to carry out an artistic residency at the Young Eun Museum of Contemporary Art (YMCA) in Gwangju, South Korea, since 2017 he is an associate member of the Civitella Ranieri Foundation in New York. In 2020, he is the first Italian winner of the residency at Villa Romana in Florence funded by Deutsche Bank.
Her work has been exhibited in several international art festivals, museums and foundations including: Seoul Architecture Biennial, South Korea (2017); Ostend Triennial, Belgium (2017); 56th Venice International Art Biennale, Italy (2015); KochiMuziris Biennial, Kerala, India (2012); 11th Havana Biennial, Cuba (2012); Liverpool Biennial, UK (2010); 14th and 15th Quadriennale di Roma, Italy (2004-2008); Massachusetts Institute of Technology Museum, Boston, USA (2016); Kunsthalle Museum of Art, Gwangju, South Korea; Wilfredo Lam Contemporary Art Center, Havana, Cuba; MAXXI – Museo Nazionale delle Arti del 21mo Secolo, Rome, Italy; MACRO – Museo dell’Arte Contemporanea, Rome, Italy; Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Turin, Italy; Palazzo Reale, Milan, Italy; GAMeC – Galleria D’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea, Bergamo, Italy.
Works by Giuseppe Stampone are held in several foundations and public collections including: Houston Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, TX; MAXXI Museum, Rome, Italy; Kochi-Muziris Biennial Foundation, Kerala, India; Sidney Biennial Foundation, Australia; Quadriennale di Roma Foundation, Italy; MACRO Museum of Contemporary Art, Rome, Italy; Phelan Foundation, New York, United States; GAMeC Museum, Bergamo, Italy; Wilfredo LAM Museum of Contemporary Art, Havana, Cuba; Birbragher Foundation, Bogota, Colombia; La Farnesina Collection, Rome, Italy; La Gaia Foundation, Busca, Italy; Museo di Arte Contemporanea L. Pecci, Prato, Italy.


Born in 1990 in northwest Italy. At the age of 18 he finished the Art institute “Pinot Gallizio”. After high school, he won a scholarship of the European Institute of Design. While studying he worked as photography assistant. He graduated cum laude in 2012. After the degree, he becomes a collaborator of collective Cesura and assistant of Alex Majoli “Magnum Photo Photographer”. Until August 2015 he has devoted himself to the archive arrangement, printing, and post-production of Alex Majoli. In the beginning of 2018 he set up Mucho Mas! Artist Run Space. He’s working as a freelance and continuing his research in Torino.